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Improve the flow of data between people and process.

Our low-code platform helps you satisfy IT concerns while empowering business users to rapidly deploy digital solutions that collect, validate, and deliver critical data and information.


Build fast

Free up IT resources and bypass long backlogs by empowering your business users to transform existing processes into digital experiences.

Gather feedback and iterate

Launch quickly, gather learnings, and continuously enhance the user experience, or adjust to changing regulations and updated requirements.

Deploy today and be ready for tomorrow

Use a platform that works with your existing legacy systems and integrates with new tools you decide to bring in.

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Just add Daylight

Our low-code platform empowers business units to move to a citizen developer structure, while simultaneously supporting IT’s goal of providing the enterprise with the appropriate governance and guardrails.


1. Identify a process

Tackle an existing process you’ve been meaning to update.

2. Build prototypes

Design an intuitive experience that guides end-users through the process.

3. Gain insights

Launch quickly, get feedback and continue to make changes.

4. Deliver value

Layer onto or integrate with existing systems, collect structured data, and deliver it downstream in the format you need it.

Why choose us?

Daylight’s low-code platform makes it easy for your business teams to simplify and digitize your current processes through rapid iterations.


Spend less time, get better results

Use our platform to free up IT resources so you can launch more projects, build intuitive digital experiences, and drive more business.


Adapt to changing consumer demands

Provide digital solutions for employees and customers that are cost-effective, reduce manual work, accelerate decision-making, and simplify processes.


Enhance existing technology investments

Layer our platform onto your existing systems and infrastructure securely, while mitigating risk, achieving compliance goals, and gaining access to structured data.

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