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Daylight empowers teams to build digital solutions. 

Our story

Those in the tech space know the frustration of ineffective, outdated, and impersonal data collection. That’s when Daylight first emerged: an opportunity to collect data better, across organizations of all sizes.

It wasn’t until Founder and CEO, Ryan Kimber, experienced the sudden loss of a family member that he experienced firsthand the burden, redundancy, and complexity of completing the paperwork required to settle the affairs of a loved one. Fortunately for Ryan, a service provider conducted personal interviews with family members to create a comprehensive report of the loved one’s financial and legal matters.

This non-invasive and human approach to aggregated valuable documentation  had an indelible impact on Ryan. When reflecting on past IT projects, he knew he could create a better user experience for all people completing any type of paperwork by prioritizing intelligent conversation as the input, and cohesive data as the output.

That’s exactly what Daylight does today. Capturing information and exchanging data should be as simple as having a conversation.

Count on us

We're transparent to the core

We rise to the challenge to meet your greatest digitization challenges. Our team works with your team so that collaboration becomes second nature.


Core values

We pride ourselves on understanding our customers and creating efficient solutions without compromising our integrity or vision.


Things that work

We value objects and processes that work in sublime concert with their intended use. We often find ourselves asking, “What is the value that x object is bringing to my life?” To put it in colloquial terms: we value things that work really well, things that do exactly what they were intended to do, and in a pleasing way. When people think of Daylight, they think of a solution that works incredibly well.



We often deal with complex and sensitive data, but we believe that any data must be treated with security and confidence. There is also a layer of trust in how easy our solutions are to use. Our clients have confidence that working with Daylight will be a seamless experience in every context.


In our first year, we pitched a large financial institution that was hesitant to work with a 10-person company. Despite their concern (and potential impact to winning the deal), we corrected them and explained we were only a 2-person company. This set the stage for a successful long-term partnership built on trust and transparency.


Human touch

We break down systems and processes as well as our words and phrases into a real, human level. This is why we built Daylight in such a visual way. For example, our decision tree visualization allows any user to intuitively follow the flow of information, rather than through a complex diagram or cell table.



We don’t go home because we think a problem is mitigated—we go home when it is solved beyond our clients’ satisfaction and imagination. We are not zealots and think of ourselves as somewhat agnostic. We always make recommendations for the right  solution, regardless if it’s our solution; we care much more about the client’s needs than just new business.

What’s on your mind?

We’re excited to help you brighten every process that runs on data. Let’s work together to make your vision a reality.