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Transforming Banking Processes & Improving Operational Efficiency

Rapidly enhance employee productivity and streamlined complex processes

Daylight and Blanc Labs have partnered to help mid-size banks and credit unions increase operational efficiency and improve staff productivity. 

By transforming process and institutional knowledge into digital solutions, Daylight and Blanc Labs aims to streamline new account creation, credit card applications, complex lending services, and other areas.


Scale digitization

Deliver streamlined customer experiences supported by powerful automation. Increase efficiency at every interaction, from onboarding and account creation to servicing customers and operational improvements.


Simplify complex processes

Launch modernized processes fast and frequently, by applying your knowledge of process pain points to create solutions that work alongside your existing technology.


Improve staff productivity

Enjoy higher returns on your investments by delivering impactful solutions faster, at a lower cost, and without the need to rip-and-replace legacy systems.

We empower teams to streamline complex processes, from new account creation to credit card applications and complex lending services, all while maximizing institutional knowledge and enhancing digital capabilities. 


Client enablement

As experts in Canadian Financial Services, Blanc Labs has a deep understanding of market trends and how to best leverage Daylight to help you meet your business imperatives. 


End-to-end support

 Our partnership provides you with access to Blanc Labs’ technical experts who have a variety of process and platform knowledge. From process selection and baselining to implementation–you’ll have a trusted partner throughout your entire journey with Daylight.9.8


Customer onboarding and servicing

Get your customers onboarded faster, and provide the right mix of self-service and support at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Develop and deliver end-to-end solutions without disrupting your existing systems or IT