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Infographic: Low-code fact vs. fiction

Many organizations are working to provide streamlined, digital experiences to keep up with changing customer demands and tech-savvy competitors. But some digital pursuits aren't going as planned.

90 percent of C-level and senior leaders say their organizations have worked towards at least one large-scale digital transformation in the past two years, but they've only captured a median of 31% of the value they initially expected from the initiative, and a median of 40% of the cost reduction they expected.1

Timelines are also problematic. IT decision-makers say they are 4.71 months behind on digital implementations, while business decision-makers estimate the delay at 5.34 months.2

Implementing the right low-code platform could help accelerate digital initiatives and empower business users to deploy digital solutions that collect, validate, and deliver critical data and information, freeing up IT resources.

However, there are some long-held beliefs about low-code solutions, and they're holding organizations back from adopting them. Check out this infographic to learn why these beliefs are false, and how organizations that adopt low-code solutions can accelerate digital experiences for their customers.
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Low Code Infographic-Daylight-V5