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Daylight and Soroco Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Enterprises Achieve End-to-End Automation and Accelerate Digital Transformation


TORONTO, September 9, 2022 – Daylight Automation, Inc., a low-code platform that makes it easy for business teams to rapidly deploy digital experiences that collect, validate, and deliver critical data and information while addressing IT concerns like security, privacy, scalability, and resource management, today announced a strategic partnership with Soroco, the world’s first work graph company, to help global customers accelerate their transformation journeys. 

The partnership brings together the value of the two platforms to deliver insights and improvements across large enterprise customers. A Leader in Everest Group’s Task Mining Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022, Soroco Scout™ is powered by the work graph, which is a near real-time, detailed, intelligent, scalable map of the team’s digital journey across 1000s of documents and 100s of applications they use to get work done. 

With its privacy-aware data collection with zero IT integration, Scout provides actionable, structured insights to accelerate transformation programs. Daylight’s platform helps organizations take immediate action based on those insights by building new user experiences for customers and employees to drive process improvement and greater automation.     

“Enterprises have so many digitization projects they want to complete, but not enough resources to get everything accomplished,” says Art Harrison, Chief Growth Officer, Daylight. “Together, our platforms can take some weight off of organizations’ shoulders.” 

 The Scout work graph platform discovers work patterns specific to each team and provides AI-driven recommendations on ROI and optimization levers.  Daylight’s low-code platform empowers business users to rapidly deploy digital solutions to collect, validate, and deliver critical data and information.    

“We are delighted to partner with Daylight and help customers scale their transformation journey. Scout enables enterprises to tap into complex, high-volume, and undocumented data sources — the human-computer interactions originating from teams’ digital experiences through their workday. By driving structured insights from this data, enterprises can accelerate their transformation journeys and achieve targeted business outcomes,” says Munjal Jhala, Global Head of Channels and Alliances, Soroco.  

Joint customers across financial services, consumer packaged goods, and healthcare sectors can leverage the Scout work graph platform which is focused on enterprise-scale needs and serves 1000s of users within each organization to unlock opportunities such as building a map of how their teams get work done, including variations in the last mile and layer on Daylight’s platform to capture structured data, enhancing their automation rates and advancing key business priorities.

To learn more about the Daylight and Soroco partnership, click here 


About Daylight:  

Daylight's low-code platform makes it easy for your business teams to simplify and digitize your current processes through rapid iterations while addressing IT concerns like security, privacy, scalability and integration. From modernizing legacy systems to improving the flow of data and information between people, processes and systems, we empower your business users and IT teams to streamline inefficient processes and free up valuable resources to complete more projects.  

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About Soroco: 

Soroco is building the world’s first work graph platform — a database of shared digital experiences emanating from our daily work. Today, teams spend over 60% of the workday on unstructured interactions across emails, documents, and custom applications – outside of ERP, CRM, and other systems of record. This massive enterprise data is untapped and undocumented. Our flagship product Scout, powered by the work graph, provides near real-time, structured insights into this last mile of work and helps enterprises accelerate their transformation journey. Unlike traditional solutions, the “work graph” provides a single source of truth. We have operations across the USA, Europe, UK, Singapore & India with a roster of Fortune 500 customers across 30 countries.  

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