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Daylight unveils platform enhancements to help enterprises free up and re-allocate IT resources

TORONTO, August 16, 2022 – Daylight Automation, Inc., a low-code platform that enables companies to digitize and automate more of their business by simplifying data collection, validation and delivery, has made significant enhancements to its SaaS platform. The updates further support development opportunities for non-technical employees, while simultaneously supporting IT’s goal of providing the enterprise with the appropriate governance and guardrails.

The enhancements will help organizations address the IT talent shortage by empowering business teams to move to a citizen developer structure, something that Gartner says 80% of enterprises will have policies for by 20241. New additions to the Daylight platform will enable teams to:

  • Reduce the number of resources required to deliver new digital solutions by empowering business users to rapidly build customer experiences 
  • Collect, validate, and deliver business-critical information with ease using a drag-and-drop interface that is easy to use and reduces errors by 90%2
  • Separate IT and business concerns by enabling technical teams to centrally build APIs and connect core systems at their own pace without impacting the release cycle of business users

“Daylight’s low-code platform is the only one on the market designed to balance business needs and IT concerns. And, in an age where it’s becoming increasingly difficult for enterprises to hire and retain the necessary IT resources to complete their digital transformation backlog, having tools for non-technical resources to take the reins and make the changes they desire is a huge benefit,” says JP Bhavnani, CTO at Daylight.

New additions to the Daylight platform will allow business users to deploy digital experiences 60% faster3, and release them across internal, assisted and self-service channels, providing customers with an omnichannel experience. The platform’s low-code builder also uses logic-based data validation to eliminate errors and improve data quality, removing the need for re-work and remediation cycles.

“Daylight helps us put the power back into the business to manage and update their own processes, because that isn’t an effective use of our valuable IT and development teams. With Daylight, we can quickly go in and, as a business user, we can rapidly respond to changing customer or business needs,” says Jim Stirtzinger, AVP of Digital Experiences at Manulife Group Benefits.

About Daylight: 

Daylight's low-code platform makes it easy for your business teams to simplify and digitize your current processes through rapid iterations while addressing IT concerns like security, privacy, scalability and integration. From modernizing legacy systems to improving the flow of data and information between people, processes and systems, we empower your business users and IT teams to streamline inefficient processes and free up valuable resources to complete more projects. For more information, visit


1 Gartner Says the Majority of Technology Products and Services Will Be Built by Professionals Outside of IT by 2024, 2021

2Compared to paper-based processes, based on an enterprise-specific deployment 

3Compared to standard digital experience deployments at large enterprises