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How organizations can deliver real change to meet customer and employee expectations

Organizations are busier than ever optimizing and digitizing their processes to keep up with customer and employee expectations.

Yet most enterprises have only been able to digitize a fraction of their processes.

Many projects that would bring immediate value are deferred, delayed, or neglected because:

  • It doesn’t seem repeatable when every process is unique and complex
  • It typically takes a large team and specialized skill sets to get things done
  • The underlying process would have to be re-engineered to work with the current tools

In this video Art Harrison, Co-Founder, and CGO at Daylight unpacks:

  • What’s holding back organizations from delivering digital solutions quickly and cost-effectively
  • How teams can turn their knowledge into digital solutions without disruption
  • 3 things to look for when scoping out technology that balances business needs and IT concerns