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Meet Daylight

We empower teams to quickly turn their knowledge and expertise into digital solutions that compliment their existing workflows.

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Daylight is Different

We make it easy to build digital solutions for the most complex processes

  • Configure the questions, rules, and outputs you need
  • Automatically create the front-end experiences to bring your process to life
  • Enhance or improve any process without downstream changes

We enable teams to build digital solutions that compliment the way they already work.



Empower SMEs

Let subject matter experts build solutions by simply mapping the rules and workflows they already know - no IT support needed.


Codify Knowledge

Turn your team's knowledge and expertise into digital solutions that can be used by anyone, without training. 



Let your SMEs build solutions across every line of business, and improve any non-core process, so your engineering teams can tackle bigger projects.

Unlock immediate value without disruption.

Eliminate common errors, and reduce the need for training, without having to change the underlying process and/or systems.

Give your teams the ability to build digital experiences that guide users through what they need to do, say, or submit to complete any process. 

Be brighter with Daylight

Give your teams a new super power.

  • Create with ease

    Drag-and-drop your way to an ideal experience. You decide the right questions to ask, at the right time, and let Daylight do the rest.

  • Maintain data ownership

    We do not store or collect any data or information. Your data, and your clients' information, is always returned to you in the format you need.

  • Universal connectivity

    Easily connect and control what data flows into-and-out-of every experience.

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Consistent personalized experience
90% less application errors 
6 weeks to go live with one internal SME


$2.5M annual savings 
400% faster time to close claims
7 weeks to build and connect with member portals