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IT & Shared Services

Rapidly build and deliver on digitization and automation projects.

A Closer Look

Better and stronger alignment with the business

Leverage the flexibility of a low-code platform to quickly build digital solutions and support data collection across any line of business.

  • Easily build solutions for core and non-core processes
    Daylight gives your team the flexibility to build and support data collection projects across any line of business
  • Design & Iterate in Real-Time
    Create digital solutions, experiment and adapt all without having to bring in your most expensive resources.
  • Scale with Control
    Centralize and control integrations, branding and data-flow, while allowing SMEs and others to evolve and manage their individual workflows/projects.
  • Complement & Extend
    Get more value out of your existing platforms by standardizing how you collect and share the data they need.
Better and stronger alignment with the business

Accelerate Digitization and Automation


Activate Citizen Developers

Get more done by providing teams with a managed way to build custom digital solutions.


De-risk Digital Transformation

Deliver immediate value by modernizing manual processes without ever touching your core-systems.


Improve Automation Success & ROI

Realize a greater return from your RPA, eSignature and other platforms by creating data flows that improve how they receive the data they need.

Deliver more projects


Deliver more projects

Platform layering that builds on your existing infrastructure; no need to start from scratch.

  • Real-time Updates
    Eliminate cycles spent updating and maintaining browser,  device compatibility so your team can continue working on new projects.
  • Flexible & Reusable Connections
    Easily create, manage and share connections to core systems so processes designs can focus exclusively on creating the best user experience.
  • Full Data Visibility & Control
    Your data should reside with your organization, on servers you control. By design, we don’t store any collected information unless you want us to.
  • Accessible out-of-the-box
    Ensure everything your team and others build is accessible for user.