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Solutions by function


Improve the experience and workflow of any internal or external process.

A closer look

Translate customer inputs into action

Build digital solutions that naturally guide customers and employees through any process, no matter how complex.

  • Eliminate rework
    Collect and validate information, codify knowledge, and ensure adherence to policies by turning every process into a digital experience.
  • Straight-through processing
    Leverage PDF as an output or eliminate paper-based processes entirely while efficiently moving data to your back-office teams.
  • Omnichannel
    Create a standard experience and eliminate back-and-forth by delivering experiences that work across every channel.

Endless improvements


Happy employees = happy customers

Delight customers and employees with modern, easy-to-use experiences. 


Improve response times

Capture the right information and deliver validated data and completed documentation to the right teams at the right time.


Reduce costs


Build and iterate on digital solutions without relying on developers and project teams.



Streamline every business process

Create solutions for everyone without having to rip-and-replace existing systems and processes.

  • Agile design environment

    Drag-and-drop your way to an ideal experience. Decide the right questions to ask, at the right time, and let automation do the rest.

  • PDF generation
    When your teams and regulators rely on paper forms, you can’t always eliminate them. With Daylight, automatically fill and deliver the right documents based on the rules you define.
  • eSignature or eConsent
    Move documents to any eSignature platform, or collect eConsent for your straight-through processes with ease.
  • Multi-channel development

    Build once then deploy across your internal, assisted, and self-service channels with the confidence that everyone will have a seamless experience.