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Product and technology

Enable your teams to build, customize, and connect any data-centric processes.

A closer look

Productivity meets versatility

Daylight is the web-based data collection platform that easily connects with all of your existing IT systems.

  • Designed for busy teams

    Let your team tackle higher-value problems by centralizing how you build the screens and logic that power your processes.

  • Managed compliance

    Daylight keeps everything up-to-date so that you can stop wasting cycles building yet-another rules engine or fighting with browser compatibility and accessibility requirements.

  • Modernize legacy systems

    Extend the functionality of legacy applications by embedding new functionality.

Productivity Meets Versatility

Build new external and internal processes


Open platform

Repeatable and flexible integrations allow you to push or pull data in a way that works for your team.


Eliminate “rip and replace”

Solve problems from the “outside-in", giving immediate value to your teams. Get consistent data to improve your ROI from your RPA investment, integrate with core systems, or build new solutions. 


Own your data

Simplify data collection without compromising your data access and control.

Build without limits


Build without limits

Give your teams the flexibility they need and the structure they can depend on.

  • Customizable configuration

    Create digital experiences that blend modern user experiences with clean structured data.

  • Standalone or embeddable

    Build once and then deploy as a standalone solution or embed and launch from existing applications.

  • Programmatic access

    Consider Daylight your UI-as-a-service platform with the ability to access and control your data at each step.

  • Simple and powerful

    Create, manage, and access integrations with ease.