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Solutions by industry


Simplify complex tasks, improve employee productivity, and deliver better customer experiences.

A closer look

Turn knowledge and expertise into guided digital experiences

Daylight makes it easy to turn your team’s knowledge and expertise into digital experiences.

  • Simplify complex processes

    Transform paper-based and manual processes into digital solutions that enhance your existing workflows and applications.

  • Create more self-service options

    Deliver personalized self-service options to reduce dependency on frontline agents and call centers.

  • Improve employee productivity

    Give SMEs the power to create and manage digital solutions with ease, no IT resources required.

  • Simplify data intake

    Guide users through the dynamic data collection processes, that adjust based on user inputs, ensuring the right information is collected and validated.

Transofrm your processes into a competitive advantage

Everyday applications


Client onboarding

From account opening to complex lending, simplify data and document-centric processes. Ensure only necessary information is collected, reducing risks and errors.


In-Branch experiences

Reduce wait times and streamline in-branch processes by empowering your team to build digital solutions that range from appointment scheduling to account opening to loan applications.


Self-service options

Create guided self-service options and improve customer experience, while reducing operational costs. Transform multi-step document-based touchpoints into intuitive digital experiences.


Account servicing

From electronic signatures to personalized digital experiences to document generation, support customers whenever, wherever, and however they want. 


Call center operations

Ensure consistency and satisfaction across all channels. Combine call scripts and customer data inputs into easy-to-use employee experiences.



Reduce employee training

Build guided experiences that empower everyone on your team with SME-level knowledge.



Build experiences you (and your customers) can bank on

Reduce operational costs and improve operational efficiency, while delivering a superior customer experience.

  • Adapt to changing customer demands

    Build and launch new experiences in days or weeks (instead of years), without tying up your IT resources.

  • Reduce risks and human errors

    Securely connect and control the information that floes into-and-out of every experience.

  • Deliver consistent experiences

    Create accessible, user-friendly experiences for any internal and/or external process.

Delightful Experiences Your Customers Can Bank On

Unlock operational efficiency


Save time, costs & IT resources

Remove bottlenecks and digitize touchpoints to get customers the information they need quickly.


Accelerate self-service

Empower your teams to build and scale the intuitive self-service experiences your customers want.


Increase technology ROI

Deliver meaningful change without disrupting your existing workflows and applications.