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Rapidly build secure digital experiences that guide patients and front-line workers through complex processes.

A Closer Look

Transform Medical Services & Patient Management

Build easy-to-use, consistent experiences that delight both patients and staff.

  • Personalized Experiences

    Ensure consistency of experience and care by building digital solutions that ask the right questions at the right time.

  • Complete Automation

    Enhance the platforms you have and investments you’ve made by using Daylight to standardize how data flows in-and-out of your systems.

  • Ready for Anything

    Respond to changing regulations, or pandemics, with tailor-made solutions faster than ever before.


Everyday Applications


Digital Scheduling & Intake

Create assisted and self-service solutions for appointments and registrations that eliminate paper forms and extend existing EHRs.


Screening & Immunizations

Turn screening, enrolment, and administration of vaccines into seamless digital experiences for patients and front-line workers. 

Clinician Workflow Management

Create consistent experiences and spend less time on documation by automating the steps to diagnose, document and bill anything minor ailments to complex procedures.

EHR Enhancements

Extend the functionality of your EHR while maintaining control of your patient’s PHI and your core data.


Paperless Operations

From lab orders to HR, create solutions that simplify the lives of your patients and staff.


Better Experiences for Better Outcomes

Improve efficiency amongst medical staff and create better patient experiences.

  • Low-Code Process Designer

    Rapidly build digital experiences by recreating the questions and rules your team already follow. 

  • Easily Embedded

    Launch experiences from existing EHRs or patient portals to leverage the information you already have while continuing to protect PHI.

  • Own Your Own Data

    Your data, and your patients information, should reside with your organization. We don’t store any collected information.

  • Brand Consistency

    Easily to create a fully whitelabeled solution for any process.


Accessing Medical Services with Daylight


Personalized Healthcare

Digital portals allow patients and physicians alike to monitor appointments, initiate follow-ups, and access EMRs with ease.


Complete Automation

API integration and streamlined workflows make it easy for medical staff to treat patients more efficiently.


Improve Revenue Cycle

Patients are digitally triaged based on level of medical priority, freeing up time for doctors to visit with more patients.