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From onboarding to renewals, deliver fast, empathetic, and personalized digital experiences.

A Closer Look

Make Insurance Processes More Human

Build guided solutions that ask the right questions at the right time to help customers and staff navigate even the most complex processes.

  • First Time Right

    Eliminate overly complex paper forms, take the stress out of managing benefits, and ensure your clients provide the correct information on the first try.

  • Automate Discovery

    Guide customers and advisors towards the products they need while eliminating options that aren’t relevant.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Keep customers happy, and loyal, by providing easy-to-use digital options for managing everything from beneficiaries to payment details.

Make Insurance Processes More Human

Everyday Applications


Account Maintenance

Replace complex paper-based processes with personalized digital experiences that easily collect, validate and update account information from any channel.



Claims Automation

Reduce back-and-forth and escalations by providing empathetic, helpful experiences for every stage of the claims process.


Customer Acquisition

Help agents, advisors and self-serve clients easily understand options and apply for the right products at the right time.


Group and Affinity Programs

Establish a competitive advantage by offering key clients end-to-end, on-brand experiences.


Call Center Operations

Codify knowledge, requirements and experience for call center teams to ensure consistency across all customer experience touchpoints.


Insurance automation just got easier.

Digitize account maintenance, document collection, and claims automation to provide your clients, and agents with the best experience possible.

  • Low-Code Process Design

    Drag-and-drop your way to an ideal experience.  Guide users through the questions, documentation and rules the same way an advisor would.

  • PDF Generation

    When your teams and regulators rely on paper forms, you can’t always just eliminate them. Let Daylight automatically fill and deliver the right documents based on the rules you define.

  • eSignature or eConsent

    Easily move documents to any eSignature platform, or collect eConsent for your straight-through processes.

  • Connect Anything

    Easily connect and control what information flows into-and-out-of every experience. 

Insurance automation just got easier

Make Insurance Processes Human Again


Drive Down Costs

Drive down maintenance costs and eliminate clunky integrations.


Automate Processes

Guide customers towards the products they need faster.


Improve & Scale RPA

Automate software based on user performance to speed up the integration process.