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Legacy modernization

Daylight layers onto your systems and infrastructure securely, enhancing your existing tech stack while improving your bottom line.

A closer look

Extend the life of your legacy systems and enhance their functionality today, so you’re prepared for tomorrow

Daylight gives your legacy systems new life by allowing your teams to digitize and automate data-centric processes and rapidly build digital solutions to accelerate speed-to-market.

  • Build digital solutions, faster

    Let business users rapidly build, test, and deploy digital experiences with built-in IT guardrails that send data and business-critical information where you need it to go.

  • Ease your operational burden

    Remove blockers that are affecting your competitive advantage and productivity by creating immediate process efficiencies that benefit your customers and employees, and prepare your tech stack for eventual legacy replacement.

  • Document processes with ease

    Digitize processes tied to legacy systems while capturing and validating the steps as you go. Communicate processes across departments efficiently and identify improvement opportunities.

  • Empower your people

    Allocate your most talented engineers to large, organization-wide projects while empowering a few business resources to digitize existing processes.


We’re also continually impressed by Daylight’s ability to take in feedback, make fast adjustments, and work with the inherent challenges, complexities, and politics of our enterprise. We’re used to taking months to make small changes that we’re now able to make in days.

- Senior Manager, Digitization & Automation, Leading National Bank


Future-proof your organization

Create digital experiences that work with your tech stack today and with whatever you add tomorrow.


Meet compliance regulations

Dedicate your most experienced engineers to larger technology projects while your business teams build and deploy digital experiences that have security guardrails in place and are compliant with regulations like SOC2, HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR.


Enhance organizational agility

Launch digital solutions, get feedback, and apply the changes to processes in departments across the organization, at scale.


Reduce costs

Reduce maintenance costs on legacy systems and get more from your technology investments (RPA, BPA, iPaaS, etc.), by rapidly deploying digital solutions that collect, validate, and deliver critical data and information.


Remove data silos

Pass structured data from Daylight’s platform to wherever you need it to go in your organization. Whether it’s to a system, to the back-office, or even to a printed document, the data will always be transferred using rules you define.

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