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Identify, reimagine, and transform inefficient processes



Using Daylight and Soroco together, drive continuous improvement and accelerate your ability to create digital experiences that generate structured data.

The power of working with Daylight and Soroco


1. Identify the manual processes within a journey

Assess each journey from end-to-end and discover insights outside of your known pain points.


2. Simplify and streamline the data collection experience

Let knowledge workers rebuild and iterate on processes that need enhancements to optimize the user experience.


 3. Generate structured data for more automation 

Create high-quality and structured data by capturing critical data correctly from the beginning. Send it to downstream systems without ripping and replacing your legacy systems.


4. Rapidly optimize and iterate the experience

As your new processes go live, continue to gain insights and iterate as you receive ongoing notifications for areas of improvement.

The Daylight and Soroco experience


Start today, build iteratively and deliver immediate value


“By implementing Daylight’s solution we have saved countless hours of tedious work for our employees while providing a more enjoyable experience for our customers. It’s a win-win!”


Senior Manager, Digitization & Automation, Leading National Bank



Discover the present and automate the future

  • Gain empirical insights into your processes
  • Use the real-time, intelligent work graphs to identify process improvements
  • Transform manual processes into digital experiences that accelerate document digitization and automation
  • Boost your data accuracy and compliance
  • Build complex logic and decision trees to drive a simplified user experience